Sunday Sermons and Other Recorded Talks

An Overview of the Old Testament

October-November 2006

Each talk in this series is accompanied by a printed leaflet. You may download these PDF files and print them out. They are A4 size, printed both sides, and designed to be folded down to A5.

Messrs Brian Maiden and David Hannant shared the task of presenting this series.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open and read/print the PDF files, click the link below to download it free of charge, but don't bother with the PhotoShop Album Starter Edition software (unless you would like to try it anyway):

[PDF] 1 - Genesis - The Book of Beginnings

[PDF] 2 - Exodus, Numbers, Joshua - Bondage to Promised Inheritance

[PDF] 3 - Leviticus & Deuteronomy - God's Law

[PDF] 4 - Judges, Samuel & 1 Kings - From Chaos to Kingship

[PDF] 5 - Kings, Chronicles and the Prophets - The Decline and Fall of God's People

[PDF] 6 - Jeremiah to Malachi - The Exile and Return of God's People

[PDF] 7 - The Psalms - Israel's Poetry

[PDF] 8 - Job, Proverbs & Ecclesiastes - Old Testament Wisdom Literature