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We present a large range of sermons, free of charge, for you to listen to online or to download the MP3 files for use in your iPod or MP3 player.

Use this Index Page to find any sermon you may be interested in, but they are shown in chronological order with the newest series at the top of the list, but also check the Miscellaneous section in each year for one-off talks and sermons given by visiting or guest speakers.

These audio files have been archived to save server space, so if there’s a particular recording you would like to hear, please message us via the Contact Us page on the main church website and we’ll send you the MP3 file.

Sermons Index


Miscellaneous 2011

Jesus - God's "Yes" to all His Promises

Letter to the Galatians

How to Please God

Paul's Letter to Titus

The Book of Samuel

The Sermon on the Mount

Christianity Explored


Miscellaneous 2010

The Book of Samuel

The Sermon on the Mount

The Psalms

The First Letter to the Thessalonians

The First Commandment

The Book of Exodus

The Letter of James


Miscellaneous 2009

The Letter of James

The Book of Exodus

Becoming Like Christ

Luke's Gospel

A Short Series on Ezekiel

Who is God - What is He Like?

Church Weekend at Home 2009

If you could ask God one question ...


Miscellaneous 2008

John's Gospel


Complete in Christ

Warnings to Would-be Solomons

Church Houseparty 2008

Romans - The Practical Section

The Lord's Prayer


Miscellaneous 2007

The Church

The Parables of Jesus

Letters to the Seven Churches

The Death of Jesus

2006 and Earlier

Miscellaneous 2006

The Prophecy of Amos

Summer 2006 Holiday-time Sermons

What are Human Beings?

A Short Series on Holiness

An Old Testament Overview

What We Believe

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