Safeguarding is a priority hereSafeguarding

Over the past years a small team of Church members has been involved in producing, maintaining and disseminating information regarding the safety of children and vulnerable adults within our church.  

Parr Street Evangelical Church is affiliated to the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service which provides material and advice on every aspect of child safety from regular church events to cyber-bullying.

For further information regarding CCPAS log on to its web site -

With CCPAS’s guidance and help we have an effective and necessary policy in place, in accordance with good practice, and you can read it via the link below.

Do look at the aspects that interest or concern you and please do contact any member of the Safeguarding team if you have any queries or comments.

Please download our 16-page
Safeguarding Policy document from HERE.

This is an Acrobat PDF file.

(Our youth and children’s workers
should download the full version,
which contains a number of
Appendices, from the
Members Pages.)